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How To Build A Progress S Curve That Will Make You An Expert

The benefits of having a progress S curve is you are enabled to track project performance to create a visual way to plot information. Instead of going through numerous reports containing information about your project status, you can track your project performance as a whole in an instant just by figuring it out on the Progress S Curve.

- If DONE right, by using S Curve, you can get an instant picture of exactly what your team have already done and what needs to be done in order to complete your project on time.

- You KNOW exactly what is going on about your project and you can assist project manager/project management team to see exactly what went wrong and where by judging progress on S Curve.

- Project manager/project management team can then make the most appropriate decision to bring the project on track. See how you (Project Control Specialist/Project Planner/Scheduler, etc) and S Curve can help them achieve the project goal.

- If you can build a good progress S Curve report, you would get instant CREDIBILITY from your colleagues and management as you help them detect the problem areas in time to take correct actions (Who doesn’t want credibility from his/her colleagues and management? Right?).

The question is “How do I build a progress S Curve that makes my project success and gets credibility from my team?”

S Curvelogy: A Technique that Builds Progress S Curve (The Most Efficient and Effective Way to Develop Progress Curves)

The key to BUILDING a great Progress S Curve is to make sure you use a technique that I call “S Curvelogy”. It could help you build the right progress curve data that will set you and your team up for success.

As a fresh planner/scheduler or project manager, learning to develop progress S Curve is not something you’re born with. It’s a skill that you must learn. And when you have the right person teaching you the skills, you can learn them fast.

That’s why I’m proud to share a S Curve building technique that I call “The S Curvelogy” with you today.

It’s a simple technique I’ve personally used over the last few years to build progress curves that work.

That being said, you may be wondering, “How do I use “S Curvelogy” technique?”

The Simple Step-By-Step Process To Using “S Curvelogy” To Build Progress S Curve

There are three simple steps for using “S Curvelogy”

Step 1: Figure out how you would get progress data that you can plot on an S Curve

Step 2: Build the infrastructure before you build the S Curve

Step 3: Plot the S Curve

Here is the overview of S Curvelogy:

Looking to get more details?

In the next post, How To Make A Progress S Curve That Will Make You An Expert – Part 2 has more tips, insights, and ideas that can help increase your success with building a progress curve.


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