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Sample Work Activities for Separator Vessel Manufacturing

Manufacturing work steps and activities are defined depends upon on the scope of pressure vessel components, type of materials and inspection. The following is a sample work activities for a Carbon Steel material cylindrical or spherical separator pressure vessel manufacturing. This will help you develop a preliminary schedule. The full scope of work, inspection test plan and method of statement shall be studied with the consultation of your team in order to get a final schedule which is realistic and meaningful.

Shell Side Fabrication

· Plate marking /cutting/bevelling and inspection

· Shell plate rolling work

· Longitudinal steel (LS) fit-up and inspection

· LS welding and inspection (NDE)

· Circumference steel (CS) fit-up and inspection

· CS welding and inspection (NDE)

Inlet and outlet nozzles fabrication

· Pipe marking/cutting /bevelling and inspection

· Fit-up and welding of flanges and pipes

· Inspection for nozzles to flange joints (NDE)

Nozzle Attachments to Dished Head

· Marking of nozzle location on dished head

· Cutting/opening/bevelling and inspection

· Fit-up and tack weld nozzle to dished head

· Inspection for tack welding (if required)

· Full weld - nozzle assembly with dished head

· Inspection for nozzle to dished head welds (NDE)

Nozzles and other accessories to Shell

· Marking of nozzles location

· Cutting/opening/bevelling and Inspection

· Fit-up and tack weld nozzle assembly to shell/inspection

· Full weld - nozzle assembly with shell

· Inspection for nozzle to shell side welds (NDE)

· Fit up and welding for instrument attachments

· Fit up and welding for lifting lugs

Dished head Installation

· Fit up and tack weld/Inspection – Dished head to shell

· Full circumference welding

· Inspection for full welds (NDE)

Inspection (Hydro-testing)

· Hydrostatic testing

· Draining/drying and final inspection

Blasting and Painting

· Blasting/Inspection

· Primer/Final coating/Inspection


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