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Sample WBS for Separator Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

The following is a sample WBS for a cylindrical or spherical separator pressure vessel manufacturing. It is used to separate oil, gas and water from the total fluid stream (mixed phase) in the process industry. Separators can be either horizontal or vertical. Similar WBS can be applied for both types. 
    1. Engineering
     1.1 Document submission and approval
    2. Procurement
     2.1 Main Body (shell plate, dish head)
     2.2 Accessories (i.e. flanges, pipe, nozzle neck, gaskets, copper tubes, etc.)
    3. Fabrication
     3.1 Shell
     3.2 Nozzles
     3.3 Dished Head and its accessories
     3.4 Shell and its accessories
     3.5 Head Closing
     3.6 Inspection (NDE, hydro test, etc.)
     3.7 Blasting and Painting
4. Packing and shipping
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