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Schedule Control Using Baseline Methodology

Before you update the schedule for the first time, create a baseline to make a complete copy of original schedule and plan data. Project schedule, resource hours and cost can be used a baseline methodology of presentation that identifies original schedule and compares against the current project status.

- With the help of project manager, identify the project milestones in schedule from the major milestones that contained in master schedule (executive level) and leve3 control schedule.

- Once all stakeholders and the project team agreed the plan (schedule, resource hours and cost estimate), make sure schedule is quality checked.

- And then, the original project plan shall be used to create a project baseline or targeted plan.

- Save a copy of baseline schedule separately as a backup. Below is a simplified process flow diagram of setting new baseline. If you are unsure how to save a baseline schedule in Primavera P6, learn more at
How to fix the problem – Baseline Changes with the Data Date changes

Baseline Schedule Control Process

- As the project progress, review the project schedule on periodically basis.

- Prepare project status report such as milestone report, critical and nearly critical reports, schedule variance, cost variance to analyse how well your project is going.

- Bring up the issue with the project team if the project performance is poor, find the reasons and resolve the slippage by expediting work if practical.

- Make sure your team is actively participating in periodic schedule reviews.

- If the project team decides not to resolve the slippages, the team should make a judgement call whether to initiate or not to initiate Change Management Process.

- Complete change management process in accordance with your change management procedure if the changes are required.

- Update the changes schedule, resources in the schedule . Make sure your team agreed with changes you made before re-baseline the plan.

- Finally, set the new baseline as Primary Baseline (BL1) in Primavera P6 , Target 2(target-1 is original baseline ) in P3, Baseline 1 in MS Project.

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