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Developing Resource Curve/Progress Curve from P6 Data Using Report Wizard

if you want to get the detailed S curve report and histogram , you have to export it into excel. It is  done with a few clicks using Report Wizard. Report Wizard helps you save your time by creating resource allocation reports for each type of histogram/s curve.

Step to create time based histogram and S-curve

  1. Open the selected project.
  2. Go to Tools > Report, when you at there, you will see All Reports layout showing all the reports.
  3. Look for Report Group: Resource Usage to organize to the newly added report to group in resource usage group so that you can find this report easily when you need.
  4. Right click > Add > New Report > Next > Select the “Resources” in the Subject Area box > Select Time Distributed Data check box to see the project data over time frame and click Next .
  5. To configure selected subject areas for the required data, select the Resource Name in the columns box, Add filter for current project’s resource as shown in figure below.

  6. If you intend to review  a resource graph that also shows material supply and non labour (i.e Cranes, Trucks, etc ) resources over time,  include them in the above resource filter. Then, you will be able to review how many manpower or equipments will be required to erect tons of steel structure, various feet of pipes per each day or each week.
    Unlike the Resource Usage Profile in the activity view in P6 , all resource can be displayed in a single bar chart using a clustered or a stacked histogram by exporting P6 data to excel spreadsheet.
  7. You will find Timescale tag and Time Interval Fields tag in the Date Options window upon completion of step 5. Select Show Time Intervals and Show Total check boxes to display project data over period and all time respectively.
  8. In Timescale tag, set the time scale start as PS-Earliest Project Start, time scale finish as PF-Latest Project Finish, date intervals as week (select day, month as desired).
Review Resource Loading
  1. To review manpower loading, select “Calculate Average “ option in Timescale tag to calculate manpower allocation per period. Select Budgeted Unit (to display planned data) and Remaining Early Unit (to produce forecast data) in Time Interval Fields tag.
  2. Name the Report Title and click “Next” and save it.
  3. Go to Run report > Select ASCII Text file > Select Field Delimiter and Text Qualifier , and choose the output file location to export P6 data to excel as shown in figure below.

  4. Finally, the exported manpower loading data would be looks like this. Planned and forecast data are the same in this post as project hasn’t been scheduled.
  5. Now, you can produce the desired resource histogram chart in excel.
Review Progress Curve

You can also export P6 data to make progress S curve using this method. 
  1. Create the new report by following all the steps in "Step to create time based histogram and S-curve".
  2. Leave “Calculate Average” check box as blank (i.e. do not select it). As a result you will get resource hours data.  
  3. Actual progress data would be produced when the actual works are begun. To display actual progress data, add Actual Units to Time Interval Fields tag.  
  4. Run the report using step -3 in "Review Resource Loading " and export it to excel. The exported data is man hour unit.
  5. Calculate the periodic progress from the periodic hours divided by total project hours.
  6. Once progress calculation is done in excel, insert S curve chart to view the progress curve.
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  1. From Suhail.K
    Hi Min OO
    Can you kindly add a thread on how to import and export data from excel to p6 in particular the activities, resources etc?

  2. I have been reading your blog this afternoon. It is very interesting, but i wonder if you have any information about cost control, specially using P6.
    In other hand, I have discovered your blog looking for information about schedule templates for LNG plants and schedule templates for combibed cycle plants. So, do you know where i can find informationa about it?
    Kind regards & congratulations.

  3. Hello,

    Having a problem with Time Distributed Reports out of P6. The only problem is that the dates running across the page are in quite a useless format of "Fri 5-7", without the year at the end. Ideally I would like it in the format of DD-MM-YYYY

    I can't find anywhere in the Report settings where i can change the date format.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  4. Primavera time distributed datas provide good information about projects resources and/or cost loading.

  5. Like to be able to change/update "Current Project's Resources" data particularly --"Price/Unit1, 2, 3" presently delineated in my schedules for different rates into future years/ "Effective Date"-- via an excel export/import template.

    I have been able to set up a template for export/import resource data but only can get the column "Price/Unit1, 2, 3" but not able to get column to reflect "Effective Date" for "Price/Unit1, 2, 3" assigned into future dates/years.

    Like to get a schedule for "cost forecasting" future resource cost when rates are forecasted to change via agreements.

    Would like to set up a template that can be updated and imported without having to go into program and update "one by one" each resource "Effective Date" column of resource drop down tab --- the Price/Unit1,2,3 assigned already.

    For Example: for already entered Resources/ presently have

    "Units & Prices" tab

    Effective Date Units/Time Price/Unit1

    01-Jan-19 8h/d $35/h
    01-Jan-20 8h/d $38/h
    01-Jan-21 8h/d $39/h

    Like to add/update more data "future years" by excel exporting and importing only



    Any suggestions? Format of data needed for entry?

    Thank you



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