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Making Tie-in Installation,Pipeline Erection and Hydro Testing Progress Tracking System

The Progress Tracking System for Tie-in Installation Work

The procedure of developing progress tracking system for Tie-in work is quite similar to steel fabrication work which is one of wbs elements of Sample Progress Measurement System for Petrochemical Plant Project Construction.
Normally, piping tie-in installation scope is involved in revamp project only. The progress tracking system for tie-in work includes Tie-in Tracker Sheet and Progress tracking sheet.
Tie-in numbers against the Isometric drawings and work packages are listed in the tracker sheet. The tie-in type (Bolt-up, cut and weld, hot tap, cold tap and threaded are typical tie-in types in the process industry), project area or system name and installed dates are also included in the tracker sheet.
To develop Progress Tracking Sheet for overall Isometric drawings, the following work steps and weight factor percentages are utilized.
  1. Preparation ( Scaffold erection if required/remove insulation if required)-20%
  2. Tie-in work (Bolt up/cut & weld/hot tap/cold tap/threaded) -70%
  3. Inspection (Sign QC document, example: flange make-up checklist)-10%
Download free Excel template for tie-in work.

The Progress Tracking System for Pipeline Erection Work

Developing a procedure of progress tracking system for pipeline erection work is the same as piping fabrication work except for work steps and weight factor percentages. To do that, replace the following work steps and weight factor percentages with the existing ones and rearrange the formulae.
  1. Material at Erection area-5%
  2. Piping Laying-20%
  3. Preparation(align/tack weld)-20%
  4. Full Welding Execution-40%
  5. Non Destructive Examination-5%
  6. Pipe Support Erection-15%
  7. Final Inspection-5%
Download a free Excel template for pipeline erection work.

The Progress Tracking System for Piping Hydro-Testing

Progress tracking system for piping hydro-test includes test pack status sheet and overall progress tracking sheet. The test pack status sheet shall include a list of column names, such as Test pack number, system number, project area name, Isometric drawing number, and work packages. Test pack status sheet and progress tracking sheet can be created by adopting the same procedure for steel fabrication work except for work steps and weight factor.
Use the following work steps and weight factors for Piping Hydro-testing;
  1. Preparation-20%
  2. Testing-45%
  3. Reinstate-25%
  4. Clear Punch list-10%
Download a sample progress tracking sheet for piping hydro-testing work.

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