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Concept of Engineering Work Flow for Process,Mechanical and Piping Engineeirng

The concept of engineering work flow is required to understand for someone who involved in the activity sequencing. This concept is applied when the EPC level 3 schedule is developed. The process of engineering work to produce the required deliverables depends on not only within the functional discipline itself but also among the process, mechanical and piping engineering functions. The below net work diagram shows the links among the process, mechanical and piping engineering deliverables for oil, gas and petrochemical project.

The diagram shows the input of process/utility engineering flow scheme (PEFS/UEFS) drawing is the process flow scheme or process flow diagram (PFD) and process study.The input of engineering data requisition sheet for mechanical equipment is the process data sheet consist of fluid properties, temperature and pressure rating. The requisition for equipments can be prepared when the specification and process data sheets are available.
The technical and commercial analysis report to be submitted to client and finalized prior to issue purchase order to equipment suppliers. The equipment loading data which is the inputs for civil and structure would be available after the vendor started working on equipment drawings.

The plot plan is started to prepare when the process flow diagrams includes major equipment tap numbers are confirmed. Piping general arrangement (GA) drawings can be produced when the process and utility engineering scheme and piping routing drawings are available. Iso drawings can be started to prepare after the pipe support data and the latest PEFS/UEFS drawings are available. Piping material requisition can be prepared after the confirmation of piping specification and standard. The final MTO (material take off) and tie-in list (if revamp scope is involved) are finalized upon the ISO drawings are issued. Upon confirmation of order, vendor drawings will be started working and issued for approval. The materials would be manufactured if the drawings are approved.


  1. Thanks for posting this explanation, it helped me.

  2. Min Oo, I am little confused of your network here. What I know is that Process Study i.e Process Model, Simulation, Hydraulic Analysis then Heat & Mass Balance comes first. With those results of the study you are now ready to prepare your Process Flow Diagram.

  3. Thanks for this post. Really helpfull, as there is no confusion in that, if you are working in EPC, or any part of then you can get it easily.

  4. Could you please expand/explain what is Process Flow Scheme or what is/are in there? Is it the Process Design Basis? I have been looking for it on the internet and I can't find a clearer explanation or magnified definition of it. I will appreciate very much your explanation or definition.

  5. Process Flow Scheme is nothing but Process Flow Diagram.


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