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Excel Tutorial-Creating Histogram Chart

Histogram chart is commonly used in the reporting and presentation of data by showing graphical image for quick view. For example, you may want to compare your monthly income and expend for Jan 2009 to Jun 2010.

(1) Monthly income and expend data should be already with you and it can be completed in an excel sheet as shown in Fig.1
(2) When you click Chart Wizard menu on the standard tool bar,"Chart Wizard-Step 1 of 4-Chart Type" window is displayed as shown in Fig.2 . 
Select column in the "Chart type" and select the slide bar in the "Chart sub-type" and click "Next".


(3 ) "Chart Wizard-Step 2 of 4-Chart Source Data" window box appears and click data range on the data range tag as shown in Fig.3. Source Data-Data range box appears for you to select the designated data.


(4) Select the data in the expend and income table as shown in Fig-1, you would see Chart Source Data window and click "Next" (Fig.4).


(5) Name the chart title "Monthly Income,Expend and Saving Chart" in chart title box and "Month" in category (X) axis box on the Title tag and click "Next". See Fig-5.        
(6) Choose  chart location either "As object in" if you want to allocate in the same spreadsheet or "As new sheet" (chart will be appeared in the new spreadsheet ). In this case, we choose "As object in" and click "Finish".See Fig.6.


(7) Your chart should now look like this (Fig.7). 


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