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Creating Project schedule

The following information should be available before schedule is being developed.
  1. Scope and specification ( what are we going to build/do?)
  2. Work Volume (Quantity of work/Budget quantity)
  3. When (When the project must be completed or delivered?)
1. Scope and specification

This is one of the important area of a schedule. Project member who develops the schedule must understand
  • The detail activities and method of statements to be delivered or built
  • The following documents should be gathered before developing a schedule 
  1. Plot plan where the location of pipe rack,equipment layout, road and block, etc are shown.
  2. General arrangement where piping arrangement, plan view of steel structure or equipment, etc are shown.
  3. Equipment list in which equipment data such as equipment type ,quantity and weight, capacity,etc are available.
  4. Procurement and contracting plan
  5. Project procedures and specifications
2.  Work Volume

Scope of work volume should be gathered before either a proposal schedule or contract schedule is developed. Activity duration is estimated based on work quantities and the required resources such as manpower (and/or) equipments.

3. When

Project completion date or delivery date is always stated in the requisition by the client. The completion dates for project stages ( for instance, engineering completion date, the latest equipment delivery dates, construction and commissioning completion date ) are also mentioned in the contract requisition. Planning section has the responsibilities to be developed a bar chart plan which is logically presented that how and when the products or services is delivered and meets contract requirements.

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