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Build A List Macro (Excel) to Search Multiple Work Orders in Maximo

I like using SAP as you could select multiple rows of data, copy it to the clipboard and then use this list to search. However, in MAXIMO, it’s is not that easy.

Say you have a large list of Work Orders that you want to search and export that data to Excel to perform some other analysis, how would you do this? I recently came across a macro that can be used to do this and hope that you find this useful.

1. Save the excel file as a macro file *.xlsm file first.

2. Create a new macro by selecting: View, Macros, Record Macro. Make the Macro Name: “BuildList”. Created the Shortcut Key to whatever you want it to be. In this case, it was called “Ctrl + b”

3. Now edit the macro that was just created by the following navigation: view, macros, view macros, select the macro you just created “BuildList”, edit

 4. Remove all the code under General and replace with the following code:

'Sub BuildList()
'Dim Str As String
'Str = ""
    'For Each c In Range(ActiveWindow.RangeSelection.Address)
        'Str = Str & c.Value & ";"
    'Next c
'ActiveCell = Str
'MsgBox Str
'End Sub

Sub BuildList()
Dim Str, Cnt1, Cnt2, Sep As Variant
Dim DataObj As DataLabel

Cnt1 = 0
Cnt2 = 0
Str = "" 'Application.InputBox("Add a starting character, leave blank if none required")
Sep = Application.InputBox("Enter the seperator you require")
    For Each c In Range(ActiveWindow.RangeSelection.Address)
        Cnt1 = Cnt1 + 1
    Next c
    For Each c In Range(ActiveWindow.RangeSelection.Address)
        If Cnt2 < Cnt1 - 1 Then Str = Str & c.Value & Sep
        If Cnt2 = Cnt1 - 1 Then Str = Str & c.Value
        Cnt2 = Cnt2 + 1
    Next c

    'DataObj.SetText Str

    ActiveCell = Str
End Sub

5. Close the VB dialog box by clicking on the red X on the top hand corner:

6. Now redo the shortcut key: view, macros, select “BuildList” macro, options. Enter the letter “b” if you want your shortcut to be “Ctrl + b”, OK, red “X” on top right of macro dialog box.

7. Now paste the list of data in cell A1. In my case I have 10 rows of Work Order numbers:

8. Select the data you want, in my case cells A2 to A11, hit the shortcut key you chose, in my case “Ctrl + b”, enter “,=”, and hit OK

9. Now go to a notepad file and hit "Ctrl V". you should see the following result:

10. Essentially all we did was insert a “,=” after the first Work Order number. We could have done this with the “Concatenate” Excel function the long way round as well.

11. Now the 10 rows of data is in the clipboard with the “,=” inserted after the first Work Order number.

12. Go to your application…in my case Maximo. Go to the Work Order Tracking application, paste the Work Orders in the new format in the Find field and hit the binoculars button:

13. Go to the List Folder in Maximo and you should see the 10 works orders listed and you can export this to excel or wherever you want.


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