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Sample WBS for Design and Build Project

Design and build contracts are usually performed by the contractor, who is responsible for the detailed design and construction. Below is a simple WBS for a building construction which may differ from your project scope, nature and organization’s preferences. However, this is a starting point for you to explore your idea to suit your project needs.

1. Design and Engineering

1.1   Architectural Design
1.2   Civil and Structural Design
1.2.1      Design Preparation and Submission
1.2.2      Design Review
1.2.3      Design Revision
1.2.4      Design Approval for Construction
1.2.5      Issue Construction Drawing

    2. Procurement
2.1   M & E Materials
2.2   Piling Materials
2.3   Architectural Finishes
2.4   Structural Materials
    3. Pre-construction
3.1   Mobilization
3.2   Demolition/Modification (as required)
3.3   Pre Fabrication
3.3.1      Precast concrete
3.3.2      Prefab piping
3.3.3       Prefab structural steel
      4. Major Construction
4.1   Location (i.e. Building A, B)
4.1.1    Piling
4.1.2    Civil foundation
4.1.3    Structural Works
4.1.4    Architectural and M & E Works    Electrical lighting and Earthing    Architectural Works    Painting, Fittings, Furniture    IT network system    Fire Protection system
                  HVAC System

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