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Working With Resource Usage Spreadsheet in P6

Resource Usage Spreadsheet View is a quick site for you to see the overview of resource distribution hours or men overtime.

To get there, Go to "Resource Usage Spreadsheet" icon on tool bar or you can find that "View" on menu bar, 

Go to "Show on Bottom", then finally you can see "Resource Usage Spreadsheet".

P6 Spreadsheet view is used for the following application;

1) To analyze the overall resource as well as trade/craft wise allocation periodically and along the schedule frame.

As shown in figure below,

- item (1) represents the resource allocation hours per activity for remaining work.

- Item (2) represents the total resource allocation hours for all activities carried out by each resource (welder in this case) for each period.

- For both items (1) and item (2) are used to analyze the resource availability over periods against the resource assignment for each activity.

 - Item (3) displays the current opened project resources to be managed for each trade/craft.

- Item (4) shows the desired columns such as activity name, start, finish, remaining units, etc.

- Item (5) shows the required spreadsheet field data. To change field data, do the right click on the spreadsheet field area, go to "Spreadsheet Fields", "Customize" and select the option that you want to analyze.

2) To edit or adjust resource allocation if the auto populated hour or men are not the same as available resource.

- Item (6) represents the editable cell areas filled with white background colour. 
   Take note that the finish date will be changed when the data followed by "8" (i.e. 12, 20, 20, 8)      are added. The data within the planned date can be edited without changing the dates. 

- Item (7) shows the cell areas filled with gray background color that can not be edited.

 The cell area of a particular period can not be edited if one of the following condition is met
 (a) the activity start date is not available or 
 (b) it doesn't plan to start or 
 (c) the activity status is 100%  complete. 

NOTE: Sometimes, you may also notice that some cell areas can not be edited manually as the actual date is mistakenly updated. 

To make these cell areas editable, 

 - Remove the actual finish date which makes the remaining resource hour “0” (zero). 

- Go back to the "Activity Detail" box and enter the remaining units hours manually. Eventually, you can edit the data as required.


  1. Nice to see the post after a long pass. Welcome back!!

  2. Dear guys i really need to know how to maximize the resourse usage can planning fellas here helping me with this situation

  3. Hello,

    How could I use this feature for detecting if a resource is overallocated?

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Galego,
      Thanks for your comments. This feature (Resource Assignment window) doesn’t indicate the overallocated resource as there is no option. You can’t detect it here.
      In order to detect overallocated resource, go to “Resource Usage Profile” on “Activities” Window,
      When “Resource Profile” layout appears, select “Filter by”, “Current Project’s Resources” to view the assigned resources for a project.
      Then, select a resource or all resources so as to analyse any over allocated resource(s).
      On resource graph section (right side of bottom layout), go to “Resource Usage Profile Options”,select "Data" tag.
      Then select “Show Limit” and “Show Overallocation”. Resource unit above the limit line (black line) is over allocated.

  4. Thank you for your quick reply. And, in order to correct the overallocation of a resource, which techniques could I use to?

    Thank you and best regards,


    1. Hi Galego,thanks for your feedback. There are two techniques.

      (1) Apply resource leveling function using “Level Resources” form in P6.

      (2) But auto resource leveling technique is not the best choice when it comes to critical path schedule with the peak resource is required. Manual resource leveling method is my best choice. Changing resource curve, manually changing resource distribution hours on the resource usage spreadsheet, changing sequence, increased working hours, if resource working hours can’t be extend, extend the duration of a particular activity if appropriate, etc.

  5. Thank you for your efforts..
    Bashar H. Hussein

  6. If I want to edit some of the hours, how do I enable so that I can .I'm unable to edit in any of the field .I've tried to double-click. Any suggestions .


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