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Develop Progress Tracking Sheet for Piping Touch up Painting & Insulation

Piping Touch up Painting Progress Tracking Sheet                                          

Progress tracking sheet for piping touch up painting work is quite simple. It includes Isometric drawing list required painting, paint completion date, clear punch list date, diameter inches of field joints and man hour for weightage calculation. The percent of each work step is updated upon entering the date.
Download sample template for painting work.

Piping Insulation Work Progress Tracking Sheet

Piping insulation progress tracking sheet is developed based on the following work steps and weight factors percentages.
  1. Fabricate Cladding-20%
  2. Install Insulation material & Banding-35%
  3. Install Insulation metal covering (aluminum cladding)-35%
  4. Clear Punch list-10%

It includes Isometric drawing list required insulation; man hour quantity against work quantity. An individual progress is derived from the sum of the product of work step progress and work step weight factor. Overall progress of each isometric is calculated by the product of individual progress and that isometric’s man hour weighting.


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