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Weight factors for Mechanical Equipment installation Work

This post describes typical weight factors that can be utilized to establish the progress calculation sheet for equipment erection work. Followings are the sample weight factors for each work step for each equipment category.

Static Equipment-Column & Vessel, Shell & Tue Heat Exchangers Installation

Chipping & Padding --10%
Lifting & Rigging --60%
Alignment --10%
Inspection ---10%
Grouting ---10%

Package Equipment-Boiler Installation

Main Parts Installation (Main body, Economizer, Air Pre-heater, Stack)—55%
Stairway and ladder installation ----20%
Duct Installation (Including Damper) ----10%
Accessories (Fan, Silencer, Soot blower, Burner) Installation ----10%
Punch Items --- 5%

Package Equipment-Demineralization Plant

Chipping & Padding -----10%
Lifting & Rigging -----70%
Leveling & grouting ----10%
Alignment for rotating equipment-10%

Equipment access platforms/ladders
Assembly at site -----40%
Installation -----55%
Punch Item -----5%

Internal Tray Installation work for Reactor/Column/Drum/Vessel

Installation -----75%
Punch Item ----5%

Rotating Equipment-Air Fin Cooler/Air Cool Exchanger

Access platform installation -----20%
Tube Bundle Installation -----40%
Mechanical Part Installation -----30%
Final Alignment -----10%

Rotating Equipment-Pump/Compressor/Blower

Chipping & Padding -------5%
Lifting & Rigging ------40%
Leveling & Grouting ------15%
First Alignment -------30%
Final Alignment ------10%


  1. From Suhail

    Excellent information. Thanks for sharing.


  2. i wish to know how i can prepare a progress measurement table

  3. Hi,
    Progress measurement table for mechanical equipment installation work can be found at How to Make Equipment Erection Progress Tracking System

  4. HI
    I need the WBS in detail for Boiler project
    steel structure,piping,All equipment,

  5. Dear sir,
    Please i want explanation, when doing your progress calculation and progress tracking, do you use Primavera in doing it? How do you do progress calculation using primavera and weighted factor ?
    Thank you for your quick answers.


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