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Develop Progress Tracking Sheet for Piping Fabrication Work

Developing Progress Tracking Sheet/System for piping fabrication is one of the tracking system of Progress Measurement System for Petrochemical Plant Project Consruction.
The tracking sheet includes the list of drawings, the project area name, quantities (diameter-inches and man hour) and the production work steps to calculate fabrication progress. You may assign fabrication started date, finished date, and work packages for each Isometric drawing which will be useful to track and report the progress status grouped by work pack number, started date and finished date. The following are piping fabrication work steps and weight factor percentage;
  1. Weld map drawing preparation-4%
  2. Withdrew material-3%
  3. Welding preparation (marking/cutting/end preparation)-20%
  4. Spool Assemble and tack weld-25%
  5. Full welding execution-20%
  6. Non Destructive Examination-6%
  7. Surface preparation and coating (sand blasting and painting/hot dipped galvanizing)-15%
  8. Final Inspection-4%
  9. Deliver at site-3%
The following table is a sample tracking sheet for piping fabrication. The progress tracking sheet format shall be submitted to Owner’s Representative for approval prior to commencement of the work.

As shown in the above table, "weighting" column is inserted to calculate individual progress and overall progress. The individual progress is calculated by the sum of the product of weight step progress and weigh factor %. Overall progress is derived from an individual progress * individual weighting. Progress summary data by Project Area and Work Pack is calculated using SUMIF function. In this post, all the fabrication work steps for all drawings are updated as 100% completed. Get the free excel template to learn more.


  1. WHat a neat technique! Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Hi Router Mill, You are welcome.

    2. Good Stuff. God bless

    3. The third column in your table reads ' withdrew material' . Please can you clarify on this?

    4. Hi Yinka,

      “Withdrew Materials” work step progress is earned when the materials (i.e. pipe, flanges, fittings, etc.) from the store/laydown yard are taken to fabrication site in order to commence fabrication work.

  2. can someone please provide me step by step tutorial for this sheet

  3. Hi Min Oo,
    do you also have KPIs for piping & structural fabrication and welding by material class / diameter etc?

  4. Please share that excel file to


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