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Progress Calculation Sample for Pump Installation Work

If you are preparing a progress calculation sheet for a work, a weighting factor for each work step and each WBS component is used to calculate to give the weighted progress. For example, to calculate percent completion for a pump installation, the following typical work steps and weight factors are required.

 Work step   Weight factor
Chipping & Padding 
Levelling & Grouting
First Alignment               
Final Alignment           

The percent complete for a pump installation can be obtained by the sum of the product of each weight factor and each work step progress.

Pump Installation Progress = Chipping & Padding (10%)* work progress + Installation (40%)*work progress+ Levelling & Grouting (20%)*work progress + First Alignment (20%)*work progress +Final Alignment (10%)* work progress

Pump installation progress would be 10% when chipping & padding activity is done 100%. Percent completion would be 50%, 70%, 90% and 100% respectively when each work step is done 100%. Generally, progress calculation method for other work is the same although weight factors are different. Read more about weight factor for mechanical equipment installation work.


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