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Tutorial-How to generate S curve/histogram from Primavera, P6 - Part III

Go To>>Tutorial-How to generate S curve/histogram from Primavera, P6 - Part II

Suppose the exported data is as shown in figure below. As we set Cum Budgeted Units and Actual Units in the spreadsheet option field, you will see Cum Budgeted Units and Actual Units data through the project start to the end date. 
Important Point: In order to get these data , activity resource, Budgeted Units and Actual Units must be assigned to each activity as described in Part I. If you are not sure how to assign resource 
and Units, go to How to Assign Activity Resource and Budgeted Unit in P6 .

To analyze overall progress quickly, you can find Plan Value Qty (Budgeted Units) is 3047 and Earn Value Qty (Actual Units) as of 28 Nov 09 is 490. Therefore overall progress as of that data date is (490/3047) 16%.

To create progress S Curve and weekly progress histogram chart, populate the progress data . Then finally you will get the S curve and histogram curve showing progress data and bar chart.


  1. Thank you for this explanation

  2. Thanks a lot it is very useful

  3. I followed your steps, but the Planned progress is coming lesser than the Actual progress, i.e. Commulative Actual is coming more than the Commulative Planned. Please suggest me.

    1. Sir.

      I have also this problem. Do u get solution for it.please mail of u get answer.

  4. Thanks for the sample, but how could I construct the negative value for curves, since i updated not always the value is positive.Please

  5. Thank you for this useful post. I followed these steps.


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