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Sample WBS for Mechanical Equipment Installation Work

The below sample WBS is used for mechanical equipment construction work for a petrochemical project. The scope for the following WBS are installation of static equipments such as shell & tube heat exchangers, columns & vessels, boiler and demineralization plant, and installation of rotating equipments such as Air Fin Cooler, pumps, blowers and compressors. You may modify it to suit your project scope and requirements.

WBS Code                     Description
ME                      Equipment Installation Work
 ME.1                    Area Major
  ME.1.1                   Static Equipments
    ME.1.1.1                 Column/Vessels
      ME.                 Equipment No
        ME.              Chipping & Padding
        ME.              Lifting & Rigging
        ME.              Alignment
        ME.              Inspection
        ME.              Grouting
  ME.1.1.2                   Shell & Tue Exchangers
    ME.                  Equipment No
        ME.              Chipping & Padding
        ME.              Lifting & Rigging
        ME.              Alignment
        ME.              Inspection
        ME.              Grouting
  ME.1.2                   Package Equipments
   ME.1.2.1                  Boiler Installation
     ME.               Equipment No
       ME.           Main Parts Installation
         ME.        Main Body
         ME.        Economizer
         ME.        Air Pre-heater
         ME.        Stack
       ME.            Stairway and ladder installation
       ME.            Duct & Damper Installation
       ME.            Accessory Installation
         ME.         Fan
         ME.         Silencer
         ME.         Soot Blower
         ME.         Burner
     ME.1.2.2                 Demineralization Plant
       ME.              Equipment No
         ME.             Chipping & Padding
         ME.              Lifting & Rigging
         ME.              leveling & grouting
         ME.              Alignment for rotating equipment
  ME.1.3                     Platforms/Ladders
      ME.1.3.1                Equipment No
        ME.             Assembly at site
        ME.             Install at site
        ME.             Inspection
  ME.1.4                     Internal Tray Installation
      ME.1.4.1                 Equipment No
         ME.             Preparation
         ME.             Installation
         ME.             Inspection
ME.1.5                     Rotating Equipment
    ME.1.5.1                  Air Fin Cooler
     ME.               Equipment No
       ME.               Access platform installation
       ME.               Tube Bundle Installation
       ME.                Mechanical Part Installation
       ME.                Final Alignment
    ME.1.5.2                Pump/Compressor/Blower
      ME.              Equipment No
        ME.              Chipping & Padding
        ME.               Lifting & Rigging
        ME.               Leveling & Grouting
        ME.               First Alignment
        ME.               Final Alignment

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I hope you will enjoy it.


  1. From Suhail.K
    Excellent Post. Can you please also provide the typical weighting for each activity to guide the planners ?
    Example: for Pump / Compressor / Blower
    Chipping & Padding - 5%
    Lifting & Rigging - 20%
    Levelling and Grouting - 5%
    First Alignment - 25%
    Final Alignment - 35%
    Final Check & QC Documentation Sign off - 10%

    Regards K.Suhail

  2. Hi K.Suhail,

    Thanks for your valuable comments. I'm working on it. Coming soon.


  3. Hello Min,

    From K.Suhail

    Your posts are very valuable. A day will come Your site will get lot of hits from planners around the world and will make use of your posts to enhance their skills; Best Regards for educating and sharing your knowledge.


  4. Thank you for sharing your ideas. This is nice. Users can just modify it to suit their project scope and requirements.

  5. i want to know the article to start learning to become a planner

  6. @Anonymous
    Understand the general overview of planner, read the following,
    Job Descriptions of Project Planner, Planning Engineer, Schedule Engineer and Primavera Planner
    Know well about the best sequence of events, these post are just the starting point for you to learn. Practical understanding of the execution sequences such as FEED, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Maintenance, and Commissioning can be acquired from working experience only.
    Concept of Engineering Work Flow for Process,Mechanical and Piping Engineeirng
    Basic concept of civil/structure engineering work flow for schedule development
    Activities and Logical sequence for electrical and instrumentation engineering
    Level of Schedule in Planning
    Understand the scope in which you are working on, this post described how EPC planner works
    Planners and EPC scope
    Learn more about software skill such as excel tool and know how to utilize them in planning
    How to make status summary report using IF and SUMIF excel function for text data
    Planning and using excel function
    How to use SUMIF function in excel
    Excel Tutorial-Creating Histogram Chart
    Excel 2003 Tutorial-Creating Progress S curve

    To be continued.

  7. Hi Min,
    Gr8 job mate, excellent info tools for all level of planners, keep up the good work....


  8. Hi, could you please post the "Sample WBS for DESIGN BUILD Construction Project"


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