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Sample WBS for Electrical Construction Work

The WBS (work breakdown structure) for electrical construction work for a petrochemical project is broken down as below. It can be adopted and modified to suit your project scope and requirements.

WBS Code         Descriptions               
E                      Electrical Construction
 E.1                   Plant Area
  E.1.1                Building No
   E.1.1.1                Substation Work and Feeder Cabling
    E.             Generator/substation work
     E.          Switchgear & Motor Control Centers Installation
     E.          Equipment & Panel Installation (Inter Posing Relay System)
     E.          New Panel installation
     E.          Panel Modification
     E.          Cable Tray Installation
     E.          Indoor Cable Laying
     E.          Sand Filling
     E.          Indoor Cable Termination
   E.             Feeder Cabling
    E.          Cable laying
    E.          Cable Termination
    E.          Cable Splice
    E.          Sand Filling
    E.          Cable Tray Installation
    E.          Conduit Installation
 E.1.2                 Area Detail
   E.1.2 .1              Power Wiring
    E1.2.1.1               Power wiring for equipments
    E.              Cable laying
    E.              Cable Termination
    E.              Sand Filling
    E.              Cable tray Installation
   E.1.2.2               Lighting Work
    E.               Panel Installation and Termination
    E.               Lighting Fixture Installation and Termination
    E.               Street Lighting Installation and Termination
    E.               Cable Laying
    E.               Cable Tray Installation
    E.               Junction Box Installation and Termination
    E.               Conduit Installation
   E.1.2.3              Grounding Work
    E.              Grounding Electrode Installation with Well
    E.              Grounding Wire Installation and Connection
    E.              Cathodic Protection
   E.1.2.4              Demolishing Work (if applicable)

The above WBS for electrical construction work can be represented as a hierarchical structure as shown in figure below.

See also Sample WBS for Mechanical Equipment Installation Work


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