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Sample shutdown schedule for heat exchanger cleaning and inspection work

The detail activity list  for  shell & tube heat exchanger cleaning and inspection work to be performed during shutdown period should be ready before develop schedule. The followings should be considered when you work out the activities, activity duration, manpower, tools and  equipments requirement;
  • Location of heat exchanger (To estimate scaffold Qty and lifting requirement)
  • Pipe size
  • Insulation type & thickness
  • Shell & tube side flanges' size
  • Tube bundle weight, length and tube size
  • Design pressure on tube side & shell side
  • Inspection requirements
The following schedule is developed based on 24 hrs calendar (Calendar ID=2) during shutdown time.WBS is broken down as

1. Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Inspection
1.1 Pre-Shutdown Work
1.2 Shutdown Work
1.2.1 Piping
1.2.3 Mechanical
1.2.4 Inspection
1.3 Post-Shutdown Work


  1. Very useful information to develop the schedule.
    Excellent educational tool for the budding planners. by K.Suhail

  2. Hi Admin, thank you so much for technical information. It is very helpful for me.

  3. Hi admin! Thanks for the technical information you've been cures ignorance...more power & god bless...

  4. Thank you very much for this knowledge. Very-very useful!


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