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Sample activities for heat exchanger cleaning and inspection work

Activities and work steps are very useful information. If you know the scope, steps and activities, schedule, resources and cost plan can be developed easily and monitored.
The followings are the activities for shell & tube heat exchanger (AES type)’s maintenance work required to perform cleaning work and inspection during shutdown.
  • Scaffold erection to access tube bundle pulling work & blinding & de-blinding work
  • Remove pipe insulation for blinding work
  • Line to be isolated, drain and purge the system ready to blinding
  • Blinding work before pipe spools are removed
  • Removal of channel head spools and shell side spools
  • Removal of channel cover, channel head, shell cover and floating head
  • Dis-assemble backing device

  • Pull tube bundle and send it to cleaning yard at site
  • Cleaning tube bundle by hydrojecting
  • Shell side internal cleaning at site
  • Shell side visual inspection
  • IRIS inspection on tubes
  • Repair tubes (if found damages)
  • Send tube bundle back to site
  • Reinstate tube bundle
  • Install back channel head, channel cover,backing device
  • Perform tube side leak test
  • Install floating head, shell cover, conduct shell side leak test
  • Reinstate channel outlet pipe spool
  • Bolt Torqueing on shell & tube side flanges
  • De-blind as per blind list and sign off in flange check list
  • Conduct the overall tightness test (OATT) with operation
  • Reinstate piping insulation
  • Dismantle scaffold
  • Housekeeping work around job site area
Enjoy it!..
A Sample schedule can be developed based on the above activities.


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