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Activities and Logical sequence for electrical and instrumentation engineering

It is important to know the activities and dependencies of engineering deliverables for engineer who establishes a project plan. The project duration would be different if you don't know how the activities are sequenced logically. In oil and gas project, the production sequence of electrical and instrumentation drawings,documents and field materials are logically linked as shown in figure below.

Based on project scope and requirements, the deliverables list could be different. Specification for DCS & Safe guarding, specification for field instruments (pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, orifice plate, ultrasonic flow meter, level gauge, etc), standard drawing for instrument, alarm and trip setting, cause and effect, instrument cable schedule, instrument data sheet, control panel list, instrument tie-in list, instrument loop diagram, main signal block diagram, functional logic diagram, instrument cable/tray routing layout, instrument input/output list, instrument hookup drawing, GA drawings for instruments, instrument location plan, junction box termination drawing, requisition for analyzer system, requisition for field instruments, requisition for instrument cables, construction requisition for instruments are the deliverable list of instrumentation engineering.
As I described in the above diagram, specification for field instruments, DCS & Safeguarding systems, instrument standard drawing has to be completed prior to prepare the requisitions and inquiry report for field instruments, cables, etc. Single line diagram can be prepared when instrument cable schedules are available. Instrument location plan drawing can be started to prepare when the instrument hook-up drawing and main cable routing plan's information are available.
In electrical engineering, the deliverables list could comprise of electrical standard drawings, electrical specification, calculation sheet for power motor/lighting, electrical utility data, hazardous area classification, HV/LV motor control diagram, protection and metering key diagram, single line diagram for emergency systems, block diagrams for control system, cable connection diagram, electrical data sheet for motor, cable, Layout GA drawing, cable trench GA drawing, GA & Cable schedule for MV/LV switchboard, lighting GA drawing, main cable routing plan, earthing layout, electrical tie-in list, requisition for HV/LV switchboards, requisition for HV/LV switchgear, requisition for lighting fixture and construction requisition for electrical work.
The above net work diagram shows the electrical utility data (power requirement) document can be produced when the input information of electrical calculation data and mechanical equipment's power data are available. The input of electrical single line diagram drawing is the hazardous area classification. Lighting GA drawing can be produced when main cable routing plans are available. Field electrical materials such as lighting fixture, cables, HV/LV switchgear and switchboard can be purchased when the technical/commercial bid analysis are finalized and purchased order are issued.


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