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Sample WBS for Oil,Gas and Petrochemical Project

Creating WBS is a task that required not only planner effort but also required inputs from the project team. Suppose a petrochemical plant revamp project scope included design and engineering, purchasing of equipments and materials and construction of furnace and compressor areas. The following is a sample WBS which may differ from your project nature, project scope and organization's preferences.
 WBS Code                    Description
A                                   Engineering
   A.1                                   Project Engineering
   A.2                                   Process Engineering
   A.3                                   Piping Engineering
   A.4                                   Mechanical (Rotating) Engineering
   A.5                                   Mechanical (Static) Engineering
   A.6                                   Civil Engineering
   A.7                                   Structure Engineering
   A.8                                   Electrical Engineering
   A.9                                   Instrumentation Engineering
B                                    Procurement
   B.1                                   Heat Exchanger/Air Fin Cooler
   B.2                                   Column/Towers
   B.3                                   Drums/Vessel
   B.4                                   Tankages
   B.5                                   Pump/Blower/Compressor
   B.6                                   Bulk Materials (i.e piping materials, control valves, electrical cables, lighting fixture, filed Instrument,etc)
   B.7                                   Packages
C                                  Construction
 C.1                                     Pre Construction
  C.1.1                                    Site development/Reclamation
  C.1.2                                    Roads,fencing and paving
  C.1.3                                    Water supply and drainage
  C.1.4                                    Piling Work
  C.1.5                                    Foundation Work
  C.1.6                                    Fabrication Work
  C.1.6.1                                     Pipe fabrication
  C.1.6.2                                     Steel fabrication(piperacks,platforms)
 C.2                                     Shutdown
  C.2.1                                    Furnace Area
    C.2.1.1                                  Piping tie-in work
    C.2.1.2                                  Equipment Work
    C.2.1.3                                  Electrical Work
    C.2.1.4                                  Instrumentation Work
    C.2.1.5                                  Insulation Work
    C.2.1.6                                  Fireproofing including refractory, brick lining
    C.2.1.7                                 Painting
  C.2.2                                    Compressor Area
    C.2.2.1                                  Piping tie-in Work
    C.2.2.2                                  Equipment Work
    C.2.2.3                                  Electrical Work
    C.2.2.4                                  Instrumentation Work
    C.2.2.5                                  Insulation Work
    C.2.2.6                                  Painting Work                   
 C.3                                     Major Construction
   C.3.1                                   Furnace Area
    C.3.1.1                                  Piping Installation including tie-in
    C.3.1.2                                  Steel Installation (Piperacks,platforms)
    C.3.1.3                                  Equipment Work
    C.3.1.4                                  Electrical Work
    C.3.1.5                                  Instrumentation Work
    C.3.1.6                                  Insulation Work
    C.3.1.7                                  Fireproofing including refractory, brick lining
    C.3.1.8                                  Painting
    C.3.2                                   Compressor Area
    C.3.2.1                                  Piping Installation including tie-in
    C.3.2.2                                  Steel Installation (Piperacks,platforms)
    C.3.2.3                                  Equipment Work
    C.3.2.4                                  Electrical Work
    C.3.2.5                                  Instrumentation Work
    C.3.2.6                                  Insulation Work
    C.3.2.7                                  Painting
 C.4                                     Pre-commissioning
  C.4.1                                    Furnace Area
  C.4.2                                    Compressor Area

WBS can be broken down up to the reasonable and controllable level that meet project requirements. Project data such as Planned, Earned and Forecast are monitored and controlled by assigning activities, duration, manning from the detail level. Download this WBS in excel.


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