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WBS ( Work Breakdown Structure ) for Engineering and Construction

If someone asked what is the typical work breakdown structure for EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) for a petrochemical revamping project, I would say, refer to the following WBS. The first picture below shows up to level-2 WBS for an EPC project, including shutdown. The detail design engineering can be broken down into disciplines engineering. Then, construction scope can be separated into pre-turn around and major construction. 

The level 1 WBS elements are as follows;

1. Feasibility study

2. Basic design and engineering

3. Detail design and engineering

4. Procurement

5. Construction

And Detail design and engineering is further broken down into level 2 WBS as follows;

1. Project engineering

2. Mechanical engineering

3. Process engineering

4. Piping engineering

5. Civil/Structure engineering

6. Electrical/Instrumentation engineering

Level 1 WBS element , Construction can be decomposed into level 2 WBS as follows if revamp scope is included;

1. Pre Turn Around construction

2. Turn Around construction

3. Major construction

Construction could also be broken down into level 2, 3 WBS as follows if the project scope doesn't include revamp work.

Level 2- Plant Area Name

Level 3- Offsite Fabrication/Assembly Work

Level 3-Onsite construction Work

The tool I used for creating the above WBS is MS Word. Recently, I have been using Xmind - mind mapping software to brainstorm ideas to develop WBS that align with the project scope and satisfy project requirements. Follow the link for the discount. 

I find it helpful especially when working with the team because it's flexible enough to breakdown WBS level, name, layout and format. 

Using the WBS template above, you should be able to start the process of creating WBS for your next engineering and construction project. Good Luck!


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  3. Any samples of Refinery Revamp Shutdown Planning.


  4. Hi, nice read! Very informative and concise. Do you have the sources used for this report?

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