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Job Descriptions of Project Planner,Planning Engineer,Schedule Engineer and Primavera Planner

Some of my friends have been asking me about  "what does planner do?", "What are the planner's responsibilities or job descriptions?".

Planner's job descriptions and responsibilities are slightly different from industry to industry. However, the main activities include, but are not limited to, the following,
  1. Understand work scope, quantity and familiar with logical sequences in terms of engineering, manufacturing and construction disciplines.
  2. Conduct field scoping to clarify scope as required.
  3. Understand WBS structure , and work with management and project/maintenance team  in the development of work break down structure for progress measurement, scheduling ,cost estimating and project control.
  4. Prepare and manage overall master schedule integrating work breakdown structure using scheduling software.
  5. Understand contractual matter, earn value method , familiar with scope management and change control.
  6. Coordinate schedule from multiple contractors and incorporate the information gathered into the overall project master schedule.
  7. Prepare cost estimation and schedule bar chart plan considering all in puts (manpower, equipments and materials ) availability, production and construction sequences.
  8. Develop work method of statement or procedure as required.
  9. Understand and able to utilize planning tools such as MS excel, Access, MS Project, Primavera , Maximo,SAP and ERP.
  10. Develop and update resource (manpower and equipment) histogram weekly or monthly as required.
  11. Evaluate allocation of resources and provide recommendations to maintain required progress.
  12. Develop and implement plan versus actual progress charts (histograms/S curves). Reports and analyses deviations from plan.
  13. Track, monitor and forecast progress of all activities and deliverable such as products, engineering documents , fabrication status and construction of all discipline.
  14. Analyze gaps between the planned and actual progress and highlight the areas of concern which required action of the associate task member.
  15. Perform probabilistic analysis of completion dates and potential alternatives. Present risk based analysis of most likely completion and expected deviation range.
  16. Prepare and update three weeks and three months look-ahead schedule that reflect the priority activities
  17. Liaises with all team leaders and/or members to communicate required completion dates and interface between functional team/operational team and project team.
  18. Participate all meeting ( i.e schedule review meeting , progress meeting, coordination meeting, constructibility review meeting and so on ).

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