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Build A List Macro (Excel) to Search Multiple Work Orders in Maximo

I like using SAP as you could select multiple rows of data, copy it to the clipboard and then use this list to search. However, in MAXIMO, it’s is not that easy.

Say you have a large list of Work Orders that you want to search and export that data to Excel to perform some other analysis, how would you do this? I recently came across a macro that can be used to do this and hope that you find this useful.

1. Save the excel file as a macro file *.xlsm file first.

P6 Filters Most Used in Schedule Reporting (Activity Filtering)-Part2

Prepare Schedule Analysis Filters

Primavera P6 Filters Most Used in Schedule Reporting (Activity Filtering)-Part1 tutorial has been published in the past and we have discussed how to build Lookahead filters. This is the second part that we will discuss on Schedule Analysis Filters.

If you are working on level3 schedule, it involves baseline schedule quality assessment and analysing project status. This can be achieved by using schedule analysis filters also known as schedule review filters. The most common used filers are

P6 Filters Most Used in Schedule Reporting (Activity Filtering)-Part1

Suppose you are working on a project or maintenance schedule with thousands of activities, then you might want to make the report (layout) for the activities scheduled to start in next 3 weeks, weekly plan(weekly progress status) report, executive summary report, milestone reports, traffic-light report, and schedule analysis reports and so on. You can set the criteria that determine which activities in P6 displays in the layout or project report. With the combination of filters criteria and grouping activity column, you can make customized layouts (reports) for your team. 

The most used filters in schedule reporting and activity filtering are

(1) Lookahead filters

(2) Schedule Analysis Filters

(3) Activity Name & ID Filters

(4) Resource Filters

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