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How to Get Earned Value/Progress of Each Activity to Overall Project

Once you’ve developed planned value data, the next step is to calculate earned value from the lowest activities to track overall project progress. To measure project progress, list the activities (including WBS) with budgeted hours or cost.

See the picture below to understand how you can track the overall progress of the various disciplines – piping and structure.

Develop A Progress S Curve That Will Make You An Expert – Part 4

You may think creating progress s curve for a project that involved multiple disciplines sounds overwhelming, but with the steps by steps tutorial, it couldn’t be easier. Learn how you can set up the progress S Curve in a few minutes.

Once all activities have been identified and assigned value ̶ budgeted cost or hours and a milestone system established, getting planned values, earned values and overall progress (percent completion) is a straightforward task. So, follow the five steps process below.

How To Develop A Progress S Curve That Will Make You An Expert – Part 3

In Part 2, I have shared the first three tips of STEP 1, S Curvelogy technique - determining the appropriate time scale interval, evaluating percent complete and the basis of S curve data whether to use hours, cost or weighting to get planned and earned value.

Once you went through this POST, you would learn how to get the Planned/Earned Value and determine Percent Complete which are foundation steps in developing Progress S Curve.

To achieve that, try to answer the last two questions of S Curvelogy technique,

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