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How To Develop A Progress S Curve That Will Make You An Expert – Part 3

In Part 2, I have shared the first three tips of STEP 1, S Curvelogy technique - determining the appropriate time scale interval, evaluating percent complete and the basis of S curve data whether to use hours, cost or weighting to get planned and earned value.

Once you went through this POST, you would learn how to get the Planned/Earned Value and determine Percent Complete which are foundation steps in developing Progress S Curve.

To achieve that, try to answer the last two questions of S Curvelogy technique,

How To Make A Progress S Curve That Will Make You An Expert – Part 2

In Part 1, I have shared the three simple steps for using “S Curvelogy”. Today, I’m going to share the first one.

Step 1: Figure out how you would get progress data that you can plot S Curve

S Curvelogy technique is so easy and simple. It is asking and answering the following five questions;

1. What is the appropriate time scale interval?

2. How can I come out with a percent compete (planned and actual) to set a progress curve?

3. Which data should I load? Budgeted value based on man hours, cost, or weighting?

4. Do we have milestone evaluation method for progress measurement? Or, have we agreed progress measurement method?

How To Build A Progress S Curve That Will Make You An Expert

The benefits of having a progress S curve is you are enabled to track project performance to create a visual way to plot information. Instead of going through numerous reports containing information about your project status, you can track your project performance as a whole in an instant just by figuring it out on the Progress S Curve.

- If DONE right, by using S Curve, you can get an instant picture of exactly what your team have already done and what needs to be done in order to complete your project on time.

- You KNOW exactly what is going on about your project and you can assist project manager/project management team to see exactly what went wrong and where by judging progress on S Curve.
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